The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine

BIS Research and InsightMonk are delighted to present the first edition of ‘The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine’, an elite compendium of thought leaders in precision medicine from across the globe.


Dear Reader,

The list of 25 voices in precision medicine (PM) that encompasses a broad area of clinical and experimental fields, is based on the assessment of the aggregate impact score that a person contributes to the advancement of the precision medicine ecosystem, which primarily includes:

  • 1. Diagnostics
  • 2. Therapeutics
  • 3. Clinical trials
  • 4. Drug discovery
  • 5. Preventive care
  • 6. Genomics
  • 7. Molecular biology
  • 8. Biomarkers
  • 9. Digital technologies, and other contributing     disciplines.

To select the Top 25 Voices, this study had used an aggregate impact matrix-based research design, which was most suited to the context of the study (which includes the self and peer nominated leaders within the precision medicine ecosystem.) The selection of Top 25 Voices using an aggregate impact matrix was based on publicly available data and a balanced scorecard of leaders developed from the nominations filed by themselves and their industry peers.

The research methodology further included eight core components/parameters to build and validate a scorecard matrix. The initial pool of around 200 top candidates has been shortlisted down to the top 25 list following an iterative approach, starting with the evident differentiating parameters mentioned below. Each parameter has been given specific weightage to reduce biasness across ecosystems and areas of expertise. The weights of each parameter has been efficiently assigned to underline major impact and contributions in precision medicine for the initial pool of leaders.


  • 1. Years of experience in precision medicine
  • 2. Noteworthy innovations and technological     breakthroughs
  • 3. Research impact
  • 4. Organizational achievements
  • 5. Award and recognitions
  • 6. Product developments/ commercialization
  • 7. Publications/Citations/ Media recognitions
  • 8. Entrepreneurship achievements
  • 9. Policy/Regulation Impact

We congratulate the Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine and thank them for their valuable contributions.