About Us

Insight Monk is a community of vetted and specialized subject matter experts with wealth of experience ranging from working in labs to building businesses on emerging technologies. It is a platform dedicated to helping business professionals and individual in understanding emerging technologies by directly talking to experts. Insight Monk is a proprietary platform allowing consultation with industry experts.

It is a vetted community of specialized healthcare subject matter experts from business and technical fields who are helping the information seekers like corporate individuals, SMEs, start-ups, investors, analysts, students and researchers among others in getting valuable insights on any specific topic or domain.

  • Is it the right time to invest in the new technology?
  • How do I transition from existing system to new technology?
  • How do I bridge the skill gaps to transition to new business model?
  • What will be the dominant IP portfolio?
  • How do I build competitive advantage?
  • And many more...

A vetted community of specialized experts, and analysts where businesses interact for insights on emerging technology

Demand Side Problem
  • Corporates
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Start Ups
  • PE/VC/IB/Hedge Fund
  • Individuals

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